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Welcome to Food for energy place where you can learn more about food and its impact on the human body and mind.

I built this page to share my knowledge about the effects of food on human well-being. Presented are the following topics:

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Food is a huge area, so I expect that over time this page grow and I will add some topics.

The question is whether we are eating to live, or live to eat? Eating food is a biological process by which we get the energy required for the proper functioning of our body. Important is to enjoy the food we eat and take care of it that is healthy and diverse.

You want more energy. You want to feel alive. You want great health.

You want to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

I hope that readers of this site know how important healthy food is. With this knowledge, they can live fuller lives.

So, learn more about healthy eating , use the delicious recipes and enjoy at the same time.

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